Much Obliged! New tracks, American Crucible and Cement Legs, streaming gratis!

Thank you to everyone who purchased Melody in the Half-Light!  We are currently cycling through the tracks (1-8) and streaming them on our site.   There will be a new post every day. Since we skipped yesterday, today’s tracks are “American Crucible” and “Cement Legs”. Check out to hear the streams.  If you like what you hear, start spreading the news!  You can also purchase Melody in the Half-Light at our store  We are shipping the CD everywhere in the world so don’t be shy.  The CD is $12 CAD and shipping varies from $2 CAD to $6 CAD (other fees may apply).  You can also opt for the digital copy at $7.92 CAD.  Both are smashing good deals!  Once again, for everyone who purchased the album, you are the cat’s pajamas!

Filed under: Melody in the Half-Light, News | May 31st, 2012

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